In England you have the glamorous houses, skyscrapers, businesses and offices but England has a hidden side that our government, media and politicians choose to hide away and ignore. This is side of the hungry, homeless and poor, the side where people work but are still homeless, the side where families live of a food […]

Medical drugs need to be tested before they are used as they need to ensure that the drugs work and ensure that they are safe before they can be prescribed. There are three main stages in the development and testing of a new drug. During stage one the drugs are tested using computer models and […]

Transpiration is the process where plants absorb water through the roots and then give off water vapour through pores in their leaves. An example of transpiration is when a plant absorbs water in its roots. Cohesion is when particles stick together within the same substance such as water. When plants release water through transpiration, the job of cohesion is to move water through […]

Essay question: How does Ron Suskind presents the difficulties of Cedric’s education in part one and two of his articles? In this essay I will explain how Ron Suskind presents the difficulties of Cedric education by using language techniques in part one and part two of his articles. At Ballou High and Massachusetts Institute of […]

The distance from the road affects the colour of lichens because cars release sulphur dioxide in their exhaust fumes. So this means that the closer the lichen to the road the higher the concentration of sulphur dioxide, the less they will grow as they can’t grow in areas with alot of pollution. Sulphur dioxide can […]

The ‘REEL’ is when people act a certain way to ‘fit in’. Many people saw hip-hop as a bad influence because they rap about having girls, lots of money and having sex. Hip-hop used to be a way for the black community to criticise social issues such as police brutality, racism etc. As hip-hop started […]

My question is ‘is the merchant of Venice anti Semitic?’ Anti Semitism is hate or discrimination towards Jews. This discrimination was clear in 16th century Venice and was not classed as a hate crime. Jews had to live in a separate place to the Christians which was called the ghetto. In the play Christians and […]